The internet is full of gifts that can spice up any iPhone, even newer models that are almost too good to be true. From your luddite friend who wants something basic to your roommate who’s into really weird stuff, everyone has an iPhone accessory that’s perfect for them. 

We’ve combed through the internet to find the coolest iPhone accessories around, for both the most mainstream and most offbeat of your friends. Here are some gifts to buy:

Charge it up!

Perfect for: The friend who has a million gadgets to charge

Portable power supplies company Jackery makes a bunch of excellent battery chargers, but our absolute favorite is the Jackery Bolt, one of its fastest and most convenient chargers. The company claims that the Bolt will charge your phone twice as fast as an iPhone charger will, so it’s great for power in a hurry. 

This battery also has two built-in charging cables, a lightning cord and a micro USB cord, as well as a USB port. This means your friend can use this $30 device to charge up to three devices at once, or charge two while the Bolt itself is charging. 

Phone on the go

Perfect for: The friend who has a long commute

If you’re shopping for a friend who has a car, the WizGear Magnetic Car Mount will make their life way, easier. They can stick this mount to their window, and then stick their phone right to the magnetic mount, even if the phone has a case. 

What’s more, they can easily swivel their phone sideways or upside down without it falling off the window. For only $9, this mount is a solid deal. 

Light up their lives

Perfect for: The friend who loves being the center of attention

Ever wanted your iPhone case to light up? You will after seeing the new Case-Mate Luminescence.

This case is spectacular. It has two different parts: a soft inner shell, and an outer plastic cover inlaid with “genuine crystals” according to Case-Mate’s website. With a touch of a button, the crystals light up, creating a gorgeous illuminating effect (you can also dim them). The case’s two-layer construction offers solid protection from drops and jostles. 

You can purchase it on Case-Mate’s website for iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, and iPhone X. It’s $80, but it might actually be worth the price: Every single Amazon reviewer has given five stars. And if you don’t mind a third-party vendor, Amazon is selling it for $20 cheaper. 

Never be without your cable

Perfect for: The friend whose phone is always dead

inCharge is a USB cable that folds up and fits on a keyring. Its ends are magnetic, so it’s super easy to snap on and off. 

It’s just $12, and it’ll make sure your friend never gets caught with a dead phone again. As a bonus, they’ll no longer have a dead phone as an excuse for ignoring your texts. It’s a win for everyone!

Find your mood

Perfect for: The friend who’s not sure how they feel 

Much like the mood rings that were all the rage in the 90s and early 2000s, the Case-Mate Mood changes color based on its holder’s emotions. Purple means “romantic,” light blue means “active,” dark blue means “lovable,” and pink means “happy.” 

The case also comes with dual-layer protection to save your friend’s phone from scrapes and bruises. Plus, it’s $50 — steep, but cheaper than the luminescence, and it ships for free in the U.S. 

Always carry extra juice

Perfect for: The friend who owns everything leather

This gorgeous leather wallet secretly doubles as a backup iPhone battery, bringing style and power all in one. 

Selling for $77.95, the Nomad Charging Wallet is manufactured by Horween Leather Company, one of the oldest American leather tanneries. Built into the side is a battery and lightning charger, almost completely hidden until your friend requires their services. 

Slay your wallet

Perfect for: The friend who never has pockets

The Q Card Wallet Slayer Vol.2 is Amazon’s #1 newly released wallet cell phone case, and deservedly so. It’s a phone case that doubles as a wallet, and it can hold up to three cards and cash.

It’s $24.99 on Amazon, but that’s a small price to pay to make your friend’s complaints about having nowhere to carry their wallet a thing of the past. It’s available for iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, and iPhone X. 

Put a ring on it

Perfect for: The friend who’s more fashionable than you

The Case-Mate Dotted Ring is just like the old-fashioned jewel-studded ring of your dreams, except that it’s much cheaper, and also attaches to your phone. 

By keeping their phone around their finger with this accessory, your friend can keep a close hold on their phone, and look glamorous while doing it. This ring is sold out on Case-Mate’s website, but is available from T-Mobile for $14.99. 

Keep tabs on your phone

Perfect for: The friend who always loses their phone

You know the friend: They’re always losing their phone, and they can’t find it by calling it, because it’s always on silent mode. The Tile Style will save them from themselves. 

For $35, this stylish…

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