Toys that connect to wifi or Bluetooth could pose a serious child safety risk, review site Which? is warning parents.

The consumer testing and advice website uncovered “concerning vulnerabilities” in several connected toys, including Furby and Cloudpets, which could enable a stranger to talk to a child. 

They are now calling for retailers to stop selling these toys until the security issues are addressed.

“Connected toys are becoming increasingly popular, but as our investigation shows, anyone considering buying one should apply a level of caution,” said 
Alex Neill, Which? managing director of home products and services.

“Safety and security should be the absolute priority with any toy. If that can’t be guaranteed, then the products should not be sold.” 

In collaboration with German consumer group Stiftung Warentet, Which? tested connected toys on sale at major retailers. 

The investigation found that people could use a toy to communicate with a child in four out of the seven devices tested.

It revealed “worrying security failures” with the Furby, I-Que Intelligent Robot, Toy-fi Teddy and CloudPets cuddly toy.

The Which? report stated: “In each of the toys, the Bluetooth connection had not been secured, meaning during the tests the hacker didn’t need a password, PIN code or any other authentication to get access.

“In addition, very little technical know-how was needed to gain access to the toys to start sharing messages with a child.”

What toys could be hacked?

Which? detailed the four toys that could be hacked, where they were available and details of the security issues.

1. Furby Connect.

“Available at Argos, Amazon, Smyths and Toys R Us. Anyone within a 10-30 metre Bluetooth range can connect to the toy when it’s switched on, with no physical interaction required. This is because it does not use any security features when pairing. Plus, you can make the connection via a laptop, opening up more opportunities to control the toy. Our security experts were able to upload and play a custom audio file on the Furby.” 


Toy manufacturer Hasbro responded: “At Hasbro, children’s privacy is a top priority, and that is why we carefully designed the Furby Connect toy and the Furby Connect World app to comply with children’s privacy laws.

“In support of this, we also engaged a third party to perform security testing on the Furby Connect toy and Furby Connect World app. We…

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