Opinions are of course subjective, but that's very true for what I'm about to say. Do not buy a flagship phone Apple just announced its new lineup of phones, and the iPhone X is a predictably excellent handset. The company continues to top itself with a device that's just shy of the cutting edge, and usually without the unpredictability and issues that other handsets on turn up. But a Rs 89,000 ($ 999 in the US) phone is definitely expensive.

Of course, Apple enthusiasts are uncomree. Here's a tweet that says: "There's no way I'm going to spend a thousand bucks on a product I use nonstop, every second, of every minute of every day. Too Wasteful. "Sure, you'll find people making fun of the iPhone's price, and plenty of kidney jokes going around, but there are more than a few people who are very serious looking at this price and arguing that the price is justified.

These are of course rationalization, but equally, they're all true. Buy an iPhone and you will use it for longer, and you'll continue to have a great phone for you. But that doesnt mean that the iPhone, like other flagship smartphones, is worth your money.

Like other flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the new iPhones are excellent devices whose cameras are hard to match, and which delivery smooth and reliable performance over time. But every new model adds some must-have feature, some new height of performance, and if you're going to get "value" for your money, then you need to hold it for longer, and thus move further from the cutting edge.

Entry level phones are getting better
Up to three to four years ago, my advice to people was "budget" Android devices. The compromises were just too many. If you purchased a phone for under Rs. 15,000, you have to be ready for strange behaviors such as random reboots, lag, and other problems, plus battery problems and major slowdowns by the time the phone is six months old.

The Moto G, and then the Xiaomi Mi 4 started to turn around and opened up the under-Rs. 15,000 segment in 2014; over the next three years, the same thing happened with the under-Rs 10,000 segment as well.

iPhone X Launched With 5.8-Inch 'Super Retina' Bezel-Less Display, Face ID; Price in India Tops Rs. 1 lakh

You have to be a fool to compare the Xiaomi Redmi 4 to the iPhone X, but it's a far cry from the kind of entry-level phones. In terms of specifications, the Redmi 4 could give a laptop a run for its money, with a 1.4GHz octa-core processor, not to mention 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, a phone for which you can get about Rs. . 9,000

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<p> There's still a big difference between a flagship device and an entry-level ones, but flagships have got more expensive, yet the differences have got smaller. Phone is still infinitely better, but if you are there, there are other options that can still give you great photos for less. </p>
<p> Having used the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime for almost two years, I'll vouch that The phone did not begin to lag, and a specially annoying bug was that the phone ring, but the screen started, so you can answer or dismiss the call. The only solution was to wait, while the phone kept ringing. ng, and realize that the phone was struggling to catch up, sometimes a full sentence behind. </p>
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These are pretty big problems, but they only appeared 19 months down the line , and as it turns out, they were all resolved with a factory reset. The phone is again running the latest version of the software available and everything, from the contacts and passwords to text messages and photos are backed up in the cloud. The experience is a painless, and the result is a phone that honestly feels like new.

So if you're looking at your high-end phone and the idea is getting yet another one, think about what you really use it for, and how much it actually provides. The Redmi 3S Prime was my first "budget" phone, and it was a step taken with a little trepidation, but it's a great journey, and it saved me around Rs. 50,000 That's a return ticket to New York if you get a good deal, a trip to a resort in Goa, or a week of fancy living in the hills – so you've got to consider what's more important to you.

There is no wrong answer – if you believe you'll be happier with a high-end phone, then that's a good thing But if you're starting to feel pressured from people, you can get a "real" phone, and buy a decent entry-level phone.

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For most of us, it's better than enough.

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