Nosy apps

Q: I think someone put a spy program on my phone. Are there programs that will secretly record and send my texts, pics and phone calls to another person?

A: Originally, these apps were designed for concerned parents, but it’s extremely easy for them to fall into the wrong hands. Once you know the kinds of spy apps there are, you’ll have two important follow-up questions: How do you find out whether they’re already on your phone, and if they are, how do you remove a spy app before it’s too late? Click here for five smartphones apps that could be spying on you, and how to remove them.

iOS’s secret scanner

Q: I heard that Apple put a free document scanner in iOS 11. Where is it?

A: How many times did we have to take a trip to Kinko’s just to turn a few pieces of paper into a PDF? Thanks to smartphones, that process has become far more efficient, and you can digitize a multipage document in seconds. In the past few years, scanning apps have become very popular. But iOS 11 is skipping the middleman and now includes a scanner. Click here for the hidden feature you’ll use over and over again.

Check internet speed

Q: There are so many places to check your internet connection speed. What’s the best site?

A: This is the plight of the Digital Age: There are so many services available on the internet for the same task, but most of them are junk. Testing the speed of your Internet is a good policy, of course, partly because it’s so hard to estimate how quickly your service is working. (Waiting for a coveted website always feels slow.) There’s one service that stands out at testing how quickly you get a response from a server. Click here for the best online connection speed test.

Speed up your PC

Q: I have an older PC. I cannot afford a new one. What can I do to speed up my clunker?

A: Almost any computer, no matter its make or model, will slow down over time. Few hard drives are designed to last more than a decade, and the more software you install, the more sluggish your operating system will become. You can boost your speed by removing useless files and cutting down on unnecessary background tasks. You might also want to double-check your security; malware is always a hazard, and slow processing can be one of its side effects. Click here for 9 ways to make your PC run faster.

Need to make extra money

Q: A friend told me that I could make passive income…

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