bh5 base layouts for builder hall 5 in clash of clans

Base Design matters a lot in Versus Battles – it is responsible for half of your success and no matter how good you are at attacking, if your base gets constantly wrecked you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges where the loot is good. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for BH5 and will also update them constantly.

One thing before we start, if you use a base you find on the internet you should always try to change it a little bit. Here’s a short guide how to do it:

Builder Hall 5 Base Layouts

Before I show you the best defensive Builder Hall 5 Base Designs, I also want to recommend some articles about the Builder Base that you should read as well:

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These two guides will help you beat BH5 completely without any problems 🙂

Anti 2-Star Builder Hall 5 Base Design

This first BH5 Base Layout is fresh because it offers a design away from the most-used diamond layout and it will defend your Builder Hall at any cost, you can consider this base an Anti-2-Star Base.

The bottom side of the base will separate the tanks from the other units because the Storages will slow everything except Giants down with their high hitpoints while they will go for the Air Bombs and Cannons.

Anti 2-Star Builder Base 5 Design
You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.

One key of this base are the Archer Towers on long-range mode, so make sure to get them upgraded with the highest priority!

Builder Base 5 Design with funneling

Here’s another interesting base layout I found very helpful. The general layout requires your attacker to scout carefully as it’s nothing you’ll see often out there. The sections on the outside are stuffed with the defenses and they will deal so much damage that it’s impossible to get a 2-Star attack by trying to just walk straight for the Builder Hall.

funneling bh5 anti 3 star base design
You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.

However, trying to get some defenses down will slow down the troops a lot because there are tons of walls in between, you’ll attacker won’t get good results and many of them will even fail to get more than a very low 1-Star attack 🙂

Builder Hall 5 Anti-2 Star Base

I like this base a lot because it will force your opponent to do things he don’t want to do. Attacking from the upper side of the base is simply a bad idea, so like 80% of the attackers will come in from th southern part and know it will be impossible to get through to the Builder Hall.

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