Apple’s next iPhone: Apple provides a hint as to what’s in store. The iPod nano and iPod shuffle are discontinued. And will engineers hate working in Apple Park? Macworld’s Roman Loyola, Oscar Raymundo, and Leah Yamshon talk about these topics and more in the Macworld Podcast, episode 567.

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  1. iPhone 8 rumors
  • All-screen design and face unlock accidentally leaked … by Apple?
  • Steven Troughton-Smith’s Twitter feed
  • How an iOS developer just uncovered the next iPhone (Wired)
  • Broken iPhone of Roman’s son (Instagram)
  • iPod nano and iPod shuffle RIP
    • Apple discontinues iPod nano and iPod shuffle
    • Where to buy an iPod shuffle
    • Where to buy and iPod nano
    • Saturday Night Live: iPod Pequeños
  • Apple Park
    • How Jony Ive Masterminded Apple’s New Headquarters (The Wall Street Journal)
    • Apple Park: Late July 2017 Aerial Update (YouTube video by Duncan Sinfield)
    • Apple is about to do something their programmers definitely don’t want. (Anil Dash)
  • Apple Q3 2017 financials
    • Earnings call (Apple)
    • Apple’s third-quarter earnings soar on the back of booming iPad sales

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