Tanks and other armored vehicles showed up in full force at the largest military tech show on Earth – Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) last week.

All sorts of serious military vehicles from armored personnel carriers to special operations ATVs were all on show at the London event, which attracted more than 35,000 participants and thousands of military and government delegations.

Red, White and Blue Boxer

At DSEI, there was a constant stream of participants taking photos of the Boxer in its red, white and blue paint job. It was given a “British by Birth” paint job because the U.K. was one of the countries involved in the development.

Made by Rheinmettall Defense, Boxer is an 8×8 Multi Role Armored Vehicle designed to take on ultra-tough terrain. It is currently in contention for selection as the U.K.’s new Mechanized Infantry Vehicle.

For maximum protection, Boxer has a special add-on composite armor. It can carry eight warfighters, as well as other tech, such as drones.

Despite weighing 36.5 tons with typical combat load, it can still reach speed of 64 mph with its 710 HP-MTU turbo diesel engine. Need more weight but still need the speed? Boxer can be adapted with a more powerful engine to cope with a 38.5-ton combat load.


It is highly mobile, whether on the road or on the toughest terrain.

This latest version, the Boxer A2, features a bunch of enhancements.

The smart modular chassis and mission module design means that the Boxer can be quickly adapted for other missions. According to Rheinmetall, it only takes about an hour to switch out mission modules.

In addition to an infantry vehicle, Boxer could also be used for other battlefield purposes. For example, it could be used as a mobile command post, for combat engineering or as a heavily protected field ambulance.

In the Armored Personnel Carrier role, Boxer would have features like a remote weapon station and a .50 M2 HB machine gun.

Armed to be a hard-hitting combat vehicle, Boxer can have a two-man Lance turret with an airburst capable 30mm MK-30/2 ABM automatic cannon.


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