Plus memory foam pillow, Bluetooth earbuds, and Best Buy GCU deals of the week.

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Today’s New Deals



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for $25.69

To say this is a good game is understating it. It’s tons and tons of fun. Personally, I have 147 hours of play time and if it weren’t for work I’d probably have more. If you haven’t checked this out, this is great opportunity to save a few bucks.




Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Bowser’s Minions for $32

This week sees the release of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga for Nintendo 3DS, meaning October has two excellent Mario game releases. How can you lose? Pre-order this one now on Amazon and if you’re a Prime member, it’s $31.99.



Pre-Order Red Dead Redemption 2

Surely you saw that awesome trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, right? The good news is you can pre-order the game right now. The bad news is, 2018 seems like a hundred years from now. Seriously, I’m pretty excited for this game. The original was fantastic.




ASUS Zenpad 8-inch Android Tablet for $99

This is the lowest price ever on this nice little Android tablet from ASUS. It has 16GB built-in storage and a surprisingly generous 2GB of RAM. This is a nice little tablet at a great price.



Contoured Memory Foam Pillow for Only $25.49

How’s your neck feeling today? Good? Bad? Would you like it to feel great? Well this memory foam pillow is contoured for neck support, so it could be the first step toward waking up with a rested, comfortable neck. Why not buy two to balance your bed out?



1500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets for $22

Previously we featured a great deal on 1000 thread count sheets, but those probably feel like 60-grit sandpaper compared to these 1500 thread count sheet sets. That’s 50 percent more threads. This set comes with extra pillow cases, too, so you can cover all your pillows.



Mortal Kombat Triple Feature on Blu-ray for $9.96

Nothing more perfectly captures 1990s cheese than the Mortal Kombat movies. Let’s be honest, these movies aren’t great, but at the same time, they’re extremely awesome. It seems impossible, but it’s like the Schrodinger’s cat of ’90s blockbuster. You also get the 19 episode Mortal Kombat: Legacy series, so you can fully pad out your MK lore.



Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse on Sale for $35

Here it is, the Logitech G602 gaming mouse, on sale for 56% off the MSRP. This is a nice, full featured gaming mouse that includes 11 programmable buttons with no lag.




Out 12/5 – Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collectors Ultra Edition Bluray for $155

This set includes Episodes 1-49, Operation Meteor OVA (Japanese Audio) and Endless Waltz OVA + Movie (Japanese/English Audio), 5 large art cards, 5 small art cards, 3 posters, 5-piece metal pin set, and a 180 page hardbound art book housed in a high-quality chipboard art box.



SoundPEATS Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds for $21.99

This Bluetooth earbud set from SoundPEATS is sweatproof and has an 8 hour battery, so you could run a marathon with them, and depending on how fast you run, you could do a couple more and never have to worry.



Best Buy Weekly Deals

Best Buy’s gaming deals are here again. Right now some great games are on sale, and there’s a buy one, get one half off deal on select Xbox One games. Gamers Club Unlocked membership entitles you to further savings, plus you accrue reward points.

This Week’s Popular Deals


Anker Bluetooth Speaker for $25.49

It’s back again! The Anker Bluetooth…

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