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Today’s Best Deals

Webroot Secure Anywhere 5-Device Internet Security $24.99

I use this on my PC and it’s excellent. It’s so tiny and low-resource, I barely know it’s there, and when it scans it scans in seconds. It’s awesome. I recommend it highly. For $25, you can protect your whole house from internet harm.



Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Complete Series Manga $56.75

Ghost in the Shell is up there with Akira in “anime movies most people have heard of.” The live-action remake wasn’t great, and to be honest, the second half of the original is a bit of a slog. But the manga has room to breath, much like the Akira manga.



Pre-Order Shadow of the Colossus $49.99

In just over a month the national dialogue on what more than one colossus is called begins again, and this legendary game can be yours on day-one if you preorder it now.



Shiatsu Neck and Back Massage Pillow for $26.95

I bought one of these because the price was right and I gotta say, it’s a miracle product. It works surprisingly well to help unwind my neck from the constant strain of holding up my giant head.



Overcooked Special Edition Physical Release for Nintendo Switch $39.99

Sure, digital games are convenient, but having a physical copy is a special kind of feeling. Go ahead and grab this one now for day-one delivery, or if you’re a GCU member, you can save some cash.



2-pounds Gold Standard Whey Protein Is $19.94

Get gold and get swoled, I always say. Actually I’ve never said that before. But whey is the best protein delivery system around, and you muscles love to build on a foundation of strong protein molecules. Give them what they crave.



Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress Sale on Amazon

Right now Amazon is having a big sale on Linenspa memory foam mattresses in a ton of different styles, sizes, and thicknesses. Feel like sleeping on a cloud? Of course you do.



NordicTrack Treadmill $449.99 with Free Delivery

You don’t need to go to the gym or brave the frigid temperatures gripping America right now. Get a treadmill for your house, throw out your couch if it doesn’t fit, and then binge-watch Black Mirror while you get into shape.



SanDisk 240GB Solid State Drive $69.50

The difference between an SSD and a regular hard drive is the difference between dial-up and fiber internet. An SSD is one of the best (and now cheapest) ways to give your PC a huge performance boost.



Sennheiser Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones $137.95

It’s 2018 and we regret to inform you noise has been cancelled… as long as you’re wearing this nice Bluetooth headset. This is a quality product true appreciators of music should add to their kit bag.

This Week’s Best Deals


TurboTax Home & Business $79.86

Tax season is the worst, unless you get a huge refund, then it’s the best. While I’m not a financial planner by any means, I suggest reducing the number of deductions you claim in order to increase your take home pay at the expense of a yearly refund. Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.



Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition for Nintendo Switch $69.99

Whoa this is awesome. Seventy bucks gets you all that delicious Fire Emblem Warriors special edition goodness, and the regular edition is on sale, too. Don’t sleep on this awesome franchise.



Jurassic Park 4-Movie Collection on Blu-ray for $24.99

All four Jurassic Park movies are on Blu-ray and digital in this package. The excellent original movie and the very good Jurassic World bookend the second, underrated movie and the third one you’re just going to have to deal with. At this price, who cares?



John Wick 4K Blu-ray Combo Pack Only $10

Get on this deal! The extremely awesome John Wick 4K combo pack is only $10. You get 3 copies of the movie, including a digital copy you can give to your dad or whatever.



Playing With Super Power Paperback Edition $9.99

I have the hardcover version of this and it rules. They really stepped it up from the NES Classic companion volume. Gorgeous and interesting, this is a must-have for your retro gaming bookshelf.

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