iPhone X will arrive in stores from November 3 and looks set to be one of the most anticipated launch events of the year.

The US technology giant revealed its latest flagship at an event earlier this month with the featuring a radical overhaul of its design.

This new smartphone now includes a 5.8-inch OLED display which covers the entire front of the device.

This new screen is the brightest and sharpest to ever feature on an iPhone and its clever design also means you get a much bigger display in a phone that is physically smaller.

Along with a stunning viewing experience, owners of the iPhone X will also be treated to an improved dual-lens camera which can take better images in low light and the device can also be charged wirelessly.

A new A11 Bionic processor, which powers the new iPhone, is the fastest chip Apple has made and will bring a slick experience to this top-end phone.

Other features include facial recognition – called Face ID – and the ability to send animated emojis, something Apple is calling Animojis.

The new TrueDepth camera on the front of the phone captures and analyses over 50 different facial muscle movements, then animates those expressions in a dozen different Animoji, including a panda, unicorn and robot.

There’s no question that iPhone X will be the device all Apple fans will be wanting but with an official starting price of £999 many may have to think twice before tapping the buy button.

But, if you are considering buying this new smartphone here’s how much it’s likely to set you back.


The iPhone X costs £999 for the 64GB model or £1,149 for the 256GB version.

Apple also offers the ability to spread the cost of the iPhone with prices starting from £47.95 per month for two years.

Of course, if you take either of these options you’ll still need a SIM-only plan from a mobile operator.

SIM-only plans start from as little as £5 per month although these cheaper plans won’t give you a huge amount of data.

If you enjoy surfing the web or watching movies on your smartphone you should opt for a plan with at least 5 to 10GB of data – these will set you back around £15 per month.

If you’re thinking of taking out a contract on the iPhone X, full pricing won’t be revealed until October 27 –  this is when pre-orders will also go live.

Some operators have revealed early pricing with Vodafone’s deals starting from £62 per month.

This includes unlimited/calls and 4GB of data and there is a £200 upfront fee to pay.

EE has also announced some early prices with the iPhone X starting from £72.99 per month.

This includes unlimited calls/texts and 15GB of data with a £99 upfront cost.

Finally Carphone Warehouse has deals which will start from £62.99 per month and offer 20GB of data, there is, however, a £179.99 upfront fee to pay.

Clearly, owning the iPhone X won’t be cheap but if you are still desperate to grab one you’ll need to ready to pre-order on October 27 as stock is expected to sell out fast.

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