Apple has hidden a festive Easter egg inside the App Store app on iOS.

Ahead of Christmas, iPhone and iPad owners can trigger snowfall on their device within the digital store.

Simply head to the Ap Store, then hit the search icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

Tap to the bar at the top of the screen to kickstart a new search and type in “let it snow”.

You should see snow start to fall across the screen.

Shaking the iPhone or iPad will agitate the snowflakes, like an iOS-powered Snow Globe.

This is a fairly un-Apple like move, with the US technology company rarely introducing this type of Easter egg into its software.

It’s something that’s more frequently associated with Google, which includes hidden games and movie references in its operating systems and online apps.

The secret iOS trick was unearthed by users on Reddit.

For those looking for a little more festive cheer from Tim Cook and co. check out the company’s annual Christmas advert.

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